Monday, January 23, 2012

In Deo Confidimus

"In God we Trust"

The success or failure of the laws of man depend upon the decency of man. And the decency of man is only as good as his devotion to the laws of God. By rejecting God's law, man rejects his own law and therefore himself, because the law of God is written upon the heart of man and all law comes from God. By rejecting God's law, man rejects God. And when man rejects God, man's law means nothing and is nothing. All that he can hope for is the moral decency of others. He can no more hope for truth, justice and charity because he has abandoned it in abandoning God. The devout man, on the other hand, reverences God and his commandments and therefore lives a good and moral life. He seeks truth, justice, and charity. And it is by his service to others that he serves himself. However, when man rejects his service to others he once again rejects both God and himself. And this leads to a rejection of his country and his countrymen. And when man no longer serves his country or his fellow citizens then his country has no future.

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