Monday, January 30, 2012

Guided by God

Today's world is a savage sea, full of stinging ice (sin) and violent winds (change). It is an oppressive sea and its barrage of winds beat and batter our earthly vessels. The frigid cold numbs our senses and we become wearied with exhaustion. And all too often we give in to the way of the world, we find ourselves lost, with no sense of direction, and sometimes the sea even forces us upon the rocks of some unknown shore, broken and crushed.
    In the days before GPS and mapquest men of the sea navigated and charted their courses via the stars. A great seaman was never truly lost and could always orient himself by the North Star. Perhaps this is a hackneyed image but I think it good to always remember that, like the North Star, we can and should always orient ourselves to God. God has always been and always will be. God is unchanging. And there is no surer course out of stormy seas than by orienting ourselves to Him. We are never lost, we only fail to look to the heavens. God is the guiding light of our lives and we would do well to always remember this, for we are nothing more than fools if we think we can find our way alone.

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