Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"It's a dangerous business going out your front door..."

And seemingly more dangerous to begin writing a blog.  I've struggled for years trying to decide if what I have to say is worth saying, let alone if I even have enough material to warrant a blog.  But in the end, convincing yourself that what you have to say has value and actually starting the project in question, is the bulk of the battle.  This is indeed, the writer's dilemma.  One of the problems inherent in writing about major issues is that the writer does not appear to follow his own mantra (or at least not completely) nor does he invest himself in all that he suggests.  And yet, we know that no one person is perfect nor do they have the time for everything.  This does not mean that the writer cannot and should not share his thoughts or visions on a particular topic.  On the contrary, if he has a great and good idea then he should not hoard his thoughts and withhold them from others.  He should share them.  He has the opportunity to ignite the hearts and minds of his peers.  It is true that even "armchair" generals may be brilliant.  The writer becomes like the athletics coach who may no longer have the opportunity to compete but certainly contributes to the competition itself.  It is therefore a duty to be an active and involved member of the society of ideas.  And so, to quote Tolkien once more, "little by little, one travels far."